Monday, March 4, 2013

The Holiday. Final Part

Diane and Ellen walked back to their room arm in arm. Once inside they both kicked off their shoes and Ellen pulled her tee-shirt from her jeans and threw it onto the chair. Her jeans followed, and then her underwear and she went into the bathroom. Diane shook her head at the mess left by her lover as she hung her shirt in the wardrobe and folded her jeans. She was constantly amazed how she could keep such a tidy home and yet the bedroom was always a tip with her clothes strewn about and books and magazines littering the floor at the side of her bed.

As Ellen came out of the bathroom Diane said ‘Hey Girl I think you need to clean up this mess here before you get into bed. I don’t want to live in a dump for the week.’

Ellen pulled a face as Diane put on PJs and went into the bathroom. She started to put her jeans in the wardrobe and then decided to check out the implements in the cupboard next to it. She picked up each of the paddles, canes, short whips and slappers and felt the weight and surface of them. She then went on to look at the dildos and butt plugs. She picked up one of the larger dildos and her eyebrows went up. Wow that looks like it would certainly fill you up she smiled to herself. Hearing the bathroom door open she quickly put the dildo back and went to shut the cupboard door.

‘What are you up to?’ Diane asked and looking at the mess of clothes still piled on the chair she looked at Ellen questioningly.

‘I was just getting to it.’ Ellen rushed to the chair and scooped the clothes up. She quickly folded and hung the garments and jumped into bed as Diane stood watching her.

‘Hmm. I’m not sure I’m too happy with you. I tell you to do something and instead of getting to it you play around with whatever it was you were playing with, ignoring my instructions.’

‘Di, I did do what you told me, I just was curious about the stuff in the cupboard that’s all. It’s all done now, why don’t you come to bed?’ Ellen hoped her invitation would divert her lover from the road she feared she was going down.

Diane walked over to the cupboard and opened the door. ‘Come here Girl’ she instructed Ellen.

Full of dread, Ellen pulled herself out of bed and went to stand by Diane. Naked she felt vulnerable stood in front of an array of instruments of correction.

‘Show me what was so fascinating that you disobeyed me.’ Diane said firmly.

‘I. I was just looking at all the things. Nothing in particular.’ Ellen said nervously.

Diane leaned closer to her and taking the hair at the back of her neck in her fist she spoke quietly into her ear ‘Don’t lie to me Girl. Something in here caught your attention and I want to know what it was. Now.’

Ellen stepped closer, Diane still holding her hair. She reached forward and picked up the dildo which she had been handling.

Diane released her and took the dildo from her, a smile spreading across her face. She looked at Ellen and saw the nervous expectation in her face. Saw her eyes heavy with desire. ‘I see. Well I think some punishment is in order Girl. Playing with dildos instead of getting on with your chores.’

Ellen felt her pulse quicken and her juices flow. When Diane spoke to her like this she could almost climax just from the tone of her voice.

‘Let’s see what else is in here.’ Diane began to lift and test the various implements. She chose a small wooden hairbrush paddle. ‘This should do nicely’ She walked to one of the two straight backed chairs placed adjacent to the main window. She pulled it closer to the centre of the room and beckoned Ellen to her side. ‘Now Girl I am going to warm your bottom a little as a reminder that when I tell you to do something you do it without question or delay.’

Ellen squirmed at Diane’s side ‘Please ma’am I won’t do it again. Please don’t spank me.’

‘No more talking or I’ll get something much nastier than this paddle to tend to you with. Now over my knee.’

Without any further argument Ellen placed herself over Diane’s knee. Diane pulled her further over until Ellen’s feet were completely clear of the floor and she had placed her hands on the floor in front of her to support her upper body. Her breasts flattened by Diane’s lap and her bottom pointing high into the air.

Diane began to swat her Girl’s bottom with the small wooden paddle. Quick, hard swats that had Ellen gasping within several licks. Her bottom began to redden quickly. Diane began to scold her ‘You will do as you are told; exactly as you are told and when you are told and if you don’t I will punish you. No matter how many times it takes Girl. Do you understand?’ She berated as she continued to paddle her.

‘Yes ma’am I understand. I will do as I am told or be punished.’ Ellen began to wriggle as her bottom started to heat up. She knew that this wasn’t a serious spanking. Diane was reminding her but not really punishing her. The pain was uncomfortable but Ellen also found herself becoming very wet. She began to move her hips in rhythm to the spanks. Pushing herself into Diane’s lap.

Diane knew the effect she was having on Ellen. She wanted to pleasure her wife but also wanted to make sure that she delivered an effective reminder of who was in charge. She aimed the next few swats to the tops of Ellen’s thighs, something she knew she hated. Ellen cried out and jerked as the paddle landed several times on the sensitive skin. After dozen more hard swats to her bottom, Diane stopped the spanking. She pulled Ellen to a standing position. ‘Now do we understand each other Girl? Just because we are on holiday I won’t be letting standards or behaviour slip.’

Rubbing her bottom Ellen replied ‘Yes ma’am.’

‘Good. Now go over to the bed and lie down and wait for me.’

Ellen did as she was told while Diane once again went into the bathroom. Lying on the cool sheet Ellen began to take pleasure in the heat from her bottom. She felt herself harden and wanted to touch herself. She put her hands above her head and grasped the headboard. She heard the bathroom door open. She opened her eyes to see Diane standing naked wearing only a harness and the dildo that Ellen had been fondling earlier. Ellen drew in a sharp breath and looked at Diane who smiled down at her. Ellen held out her arms and Diane came to her.


  1. Say it ain't so ! That was hot pixie ! Please tell me that you are just kidding about that being the end.

  2. Sorry BG. That was as far as I got with that story and I haven't felt moved to add to it. Maybe one day.

  3. Pixie, my comment is way overdue, but this was a really ambitious series, and I am sorry to see it come to an end. It makes me think a RL meeting could be so much fun! :D Thanks for gifting us all with the story, and I hope you do go back to it one day.

    1. Thanks Alyx. I do like to imagine that maybe one day we could all find ourselves together in a beautiful Lake District setting! I have had a bit of an idea for a final chapter but it will be a while before I can get around to it.

  4. I loved this series!! I am so glad I just found your blog so I could read it all at once! I hate that it's over I could read this story for hours I can't wait to see what other stories you have written

  5. Just found your site and read all your stories. Enjoyed them very much. Hope there are more.