Monday, March 4, 2013

The Holiday. Final Part

Diane and Ellen walked back to their room arm in arm. Once inside they both kicked off their shoes and Ellen pulled her tee-shirt from her jeans and threw it onto the chair. Her jeans followed, and then her underwear and she went into the bathroom. Diane shook her head at the mess left by her lover as she hung her shirt in the wardrobe and folded her jeans. She was constantly amazed how she could keep such a tidy home and yet the bedroom was always a tip with her clothes strewn about and books and magazines littering the floor at the side of her bed.

As Ellen came out of the bathroom Diane said ‘Hey Girl I think you need to clean up this mess here before you get into bed. I don’t want to live in a dump for the week.’

Ellen pulled a face as Diane put on PJs and went into the bathroom. She started to put her jeans in the wardrobe and then decided to check out the implements in the cupboard next to it. She picked up each of the paddles, canes, short whips and slappers and felt the weight and surface of them. She then went on to look at the dildos and butt plugs. She picked up one of the larger dildos and her eyebrows went up. Wow that looks like it would certainly fill you up she smiled to herself. Hearing the bathroom door open she quickly put the dildo back and went to shut the cupboard door.

‘What are you up to?’ Diane asked and looking at the mess of clothes still piled on the chair she looked at Ellen questioningly.

‘I was just getting to it.’ Ellen rushed to the chair and scooped the clothes up. She quickly folded and hung the garments and jumped into bed as Diane stood watching her.

‘Hmm. I’m not sure I’m too happy with you. I tell you to do something and instead of getting to it you play around with whatever it was you were playing with, ignoring my instructions.’

‘Di, I did do what you told me, I just was curious about the stuff in the cupboard that’s all. It’s all done now, why don’t you come to bed?’ Ellen hoped her invitation would divert her lover from the road she feared she was going down.

Diane walked over to the cupboard and opened the door. ‘Come here Girl’ she instructed Ellen.

Full of dread, Ellen pulled herself out of bed and went to stand by Diane. Naked she felt vulnerable stood in front of an array of instruments of correction.

‘Show me what was so fascinating that you disobeyed me.’ Diane said firmly.

‘I. I was just looking at all the things. Nothing in particular.’ Ellen said nervously.

Diane leaned closer to her and taking the hair at the back of her neck in her fist she spoke quietly into her ear ‘Don’t lie to me Girl. Something in here caught your attention and I want to know what it was. Now.’

Ellen stepped closer, Diane still holding her hair. She reached forward and picked up the dildo which she had been handling.

Diane released her and took the dildo from her, a smile spreading across her face. She looked at Ellen and saw the nervous expectation in her face. Saw her eyes heavy with desire. ‘I see. Well I think some punishment is in order Girl. Playing with dildos instead of getting on with your chores.’

Ellen felt her pulse quicken and her juices flow. When Diane spoke to her like this she could almost climax just from the tone of her voice.

‘Let’s see what else is in here.’ Diane began to lift and test the various implements. She chose a small wooden hairbrush paddle. ‘This should do nicely’ She walked to one of the two straight backed chairs placed adjacent to the main window. She pulled it closer to the centre of the room and beckoned Ellen to her side. ‘Now Girl I am going to warm your bottom a little as a reminder that when I tell you to do something you do it without question or delay.’

Ellen squirmed at Diane’s side ‘Please ma’am I won’t do it again. Please don’t spank me.’

‘No more talking or I’ll get something much nastier than this paddle to tend to you with. Now over my knee.’

Without any further argument Ellen placed herself over Diane’s knee. Diane pulled her further over until Ellen’s feet were completely clear of the floor and she had placed her hands on the floor in front of her to support her upper body. Her breasts flattened by Diane’s lap and her bottom pointing high into the air.

Diane began to swat her Girl’s bottom with the small wooden paddle. Quick, hard swats that had Ellen gasping within several licks. Her bottom began to redden quickly. Diane began to scold her ‘You will do as you are told; exactly as you are told and when you are told and if you don’t I will punish you. No matter how many times it takes Girl. Do you understand?’ She berated as she continued to paddle her.

‘Yes ma’am I understand. I will do as I am told or be punished.’ Ellen began to wriggle as her bottom started to heat up. She knew that this wasn’t a serious spanking. Diane was reminding her but not really punishing her. The pain was uncomfortable but Ellen also found herself becoming very wet. She began to move her hips in rhythm to the spanks. Pushing herself into Diane’s lap.

Diane knew the effect she was having on Ellen. She wanted to pleasure her wife but also wanted to make sure that she delivered an effective reminder of who was in charge. She aimed the next few swats to the tops of Ellen’s thighs, something she knew she hated. Ellen cried out and jerked as the paddle landed several times on the sensitive skin. After dozen more hard swats to her bottom, Diane stopped the spanking. She pulled Ellen to a standing position. ‘Now do we understand each other Girl? Just because we are on holiday I won’t be letting standards or behaviour slip.’

Rubbing her bottom Ellen replied ‘Yes ma’am.’

‘Good. Now go over to the bed and lie down and wait for me.’

Ellen did as she was told while Diane once again went into the bathroom. Lying on the cool sheet Ellen began to take pleasure in the heat from her bottom. She felt herself harden and wanted to touch herself. She put her hands above her head and grasped the headboard. She heard the bathroom door open. She opened her eyes to see Diane standing naked wearing only a harness and the dildo that Ellen had been fondling earlier. Ellen drew in a sharp breath and looked at Diane who smiled down at her. Ellen held out her arms and Diane came to her.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Holiday. Part 11

Ellen and Diane were the first to arrive in the lounge for pre-dinner drinks. Ellen chose an orange juice whilst Diane tried one of the malt whiskeys. A fire had been started in the grate and it lit the  room with a relaxing subdued light. They settled in one of the couches and were soon joined by Sandy and Cheryl. Whilst Sandy got them both a drink, Cheryl made herself comfortable in the couch opposite the other couple.

‘I can’t believe we are all here together.’ said Cheryl ‘Usually at this time in the evening I’d be logging on to the forum to chat to you guys. I bet it will be really quiet on there this week!’

Diane took a sip of her malt and made a contented sigh. ‘Yes. It really is a bit of a dream come true for Sarah and Charlotte and a fantastic holiday venue for us all. We come to the Lakes a lot and often stay in lesbian run guest houses but we’ve never come across anywhere we could truly be ourselves. And to meet you all face to face is fantastic!’

Sandy handed Cheryl her glass of white wine and seated herself next to her. ‘Yes it’s a bit hard to believe after all of this time. We didn’t even know each others real names and yet we confided so much and shared so much of our lives. You all felt more real to me than people I saw everyday.’

‘At least you all knew you were going to meet each other. Cindy didn’t tell me! She let me think I’d be getting a week free of discipline in a vanilla hotel. She hates anyone hearing her beat my bum!’ Louise said as she entered the room.

Cindy followed closely behind her and landed a hard swat on her jean clad bottom ‘Yeah and here I really don’t care who hears so watch your step madam.’ Louise threw her an innocent glance ‘I always do it’s just that your standards are unreasonably high’

The others laughed at their antics. ‘Come sit here out of trouble.’ Ellen motioned to Louise. She agreed and flopped down next to Ellen, squeezing her knee in greeting and smiling at her. ‘Hey hands off my woman, gorgeous’ Diane frowned at her and then smiled.

Cindy brought drinks over and sat on the arm of the sofa next to Louise. They sat in a companionable silence looking at the crackling fire and sipping their drinks.

They were soon joined by Megan and Sophie. Like the others, they were casually dressed in jeans and shirts. ‘Evening ladies’ Sophie said as she smiled cheekily around the room. ‘Can I get anything for anyone?’

Megan rolled her eyes at her lover’s deliberate flirtation. She was well used to Sophie’s inability not to flirt as soon as she was around other women. It would have been a problem if they hadn’t been together for so long . Megan knew it was just her way, Sophie would freak if someone she flirted with really came on to her.

‘White wine and for you to behave yourself would be good.’ Meg responded. With barely a blush Sophie blew her a kiss and said ‘Yes ma’am’.

‘I get the sense that one or two of the Bottoms round here are feeling a bit mischievous tonight?’ Diane enquired.

‘It would be easier to say when Sophie wasn’t feeling mischievous!’ Meg complained only half seriously. She loved her partner’s playful nature. It was one of the things that first drew her to her and it was something that got them through tough times. When it got too much Megan was very able to deal with her and Sophie knew where the line was even though she sometimes chose to cross it and get herself into trouble.

‘Yes I could say that about Lou’ too.’ said Cindy ‘Except when she is at work of course. Then she has the reputation of being the tyrant from hell.’

‘That’s what keeps them on their toes’ replied Louise ‘God, if they knew how I was under your thumb at home they’d love it!’

‘Well I’m sure they’d pay to see you get your ass whipped then’ chimed in Ellen.

They were all laughing as Sarah and Charlotte came into the room. ‘How are you guys all doing? Ready to eat?’ Sarah asked.

Looking around the room, Charlie enquired ‘Where are Cassie and Julia?’

‘Erm, I think they have been a bit busy.’ Cindy said.

‘Er just a little, sorry, we weren’t deliberately listening’

‘No I know. I was making kind of a lot of noise.’ Cassie said ‘Sorry about that. It probably won’t be the last time this week if I know Jules.’

Julia put her arm around her and kissed her cheek ‘Aw poor baby.’

‘Don’t worry Cass. You won’t be on your own. I’m sure there will be more than one of us ends up getting spanked this week. Not that these Tops will be trying to out do one another or anything!’ Sandy called out.

‘You might be the next in line if you keep up those comments cheeky’ Cheryl warned her lover.

Sarah interceded in the banter and pointed out that dinner was ready. The group all stood up and followed each other into the dining room.

There were comments of appreciation as they saw the effort that had been put into making the room special. Candles, flowers, crisp white table linen, crystal glasses and shining silver. The tables had been put together to make one long dinning area. The group all gathered round and debated about where to sit. It was decided that the couples would split up and everyone would mingle and get a chance to chat and get better acquainted in this new ‘real life’ situation.

Sarah and Charlotte served their guests filling wine glasses and taking food orders. There was a buzz of conversation that lasted throughout the whole meal. The food was excellent and several bottles of wine were consumed.

‘OK everyone I hope you enjoyed your meal. If you are all up for it, we thought we could go through to the lounge for coffee or a brandy and we can have a chat through some of the activities we thought you might like to take part in this week.’ Charlotte announced. There were nods of the head all round ‘But before that we thought we should introduce you to your chef.’ Indicating the woman stood to her left she introduced Denise. Still dressed in her chef’s whites, her salt and pepper short hair ruffled from the heat of the kitchen. Her slightly stocky 5’6’’ and huge smile.

Everyone applauded ‘Nice one Denise’ ‘Great food’ ‘Thanks’ Denise acknowledged the compliments with a smile and a wave of her hand.

‘Denise will join us as she will be helping out in other ways through the week as well.’ Charlotte continued.

Settling into the lounge, everyone with a drink in hand. Charlotte, Sarah and Denise took seats together at the front of the room so they could all see the group.

‘Well first off I’d like to propose a toast. To a great group of friends who are finally together at last’ said Sarah raising her glass.

‘And to Charlotte and Sarah and their wonderful home and to its success!’ shouted Megan.

The group cheered and everyone raised their glasses.

When the noise died down, Charlotte began to explain how they envisaged the week running.

‘We didn’t want to be prescriptive and have so many activities you felt like you were on some sort of camp! But we wanted to provide you with enough to do so that this felt like a unique experience and gave us all the opportunity to get to know more about one another and maybe explore issues that we would like to know more about.’

Gentle nods and ‘yes’ encouraged Charlotte to continue. ‘So we thought that each morning would be free time after breakfast and then after lunch we would provide some sort of activity that you could choose to join in if you want to. Some of them will be for everyone and some will be group specific for Tops or Bottoms. As well as that you will have access to a holistic therapist who will be available mornings and evenings, there’s a list of treatments available in your rooms. We also have guest passes that you can use to the local pool and gym. We have got loads of information about the local area, walks’ boat trips etc. If there is something specific that you would like to do that we haven’t mentioned, just ask and if we can arrange it for you, we will.’

‘That sounds great Cheryl. I’m intrigued to know more about these activities you have planned?’ said Ellen.

Charlotte looked to Sarah to take over. ‘Well we really put a lot of thought into this. Some of you had already given us ideas when you knew we were setting up the guest house but we also went over old posts on the forum to look for themes and issues that we could tackle as a group. We want you to have fun but we also know that we we can go through tough times practicing DD and this seems an ideal opportunity to give each other some support in a group setting. So we’ve tried our best to make it a mix of stuff.’

‘We will be having 2 support groups, one for Bottoms and one for Tops. Sarah and I will volunteer to facilitate them unless we have anyone else who’d like to do that. It is also up to you if you just want the groups to be a one off or if you would like to find an hour or so each day to get together.’

There were nods around the room and a little chatter amongst the women. ‘I’m not huge on encounter groups’ said Cheryl ‘But even I think that’s a good idea, there are a few things I would like to share with my fellow Tops!’

‘Oh Yes? What things would they be?’ Sandy prodded.

‘Well if I wanted you to know I’d tell you. Now stop being nosey and interrupting.’

Sandy pouted and turned her attention back to Charlotte.

‘Then as we all have different experience levels in DD we thought that maybe some of the more experienced of us could share ideas and techniques. There are some Tops who use certain implements and others who don’t so the merits and techniques etc that are associated with them could be shared. We also thought that discussions about how DD is administered, how it works in our homes, problems we have encountered and practical solutions.’

‘That sounds interesting. Are any of our Bottoms going to volunteer to be demonstrated on then?’ Diane asked with an evil grin.

There was nervous laughter from the Bottoms. ‘Well actually my wife has volunteered and I thought I could share some of my experience with you.’ said Denise. ‘We have been practicing DD for 20 years and so have a lot of tales to tell if you are interested?’

‘Wow. 20 years and she is STILL getting spanked?’ groaned Cassie ‘Oh man is there no hope that I will ever be off the hook?’ She threw her head dramatically back against the sofa and closed her eyes moaning.

‘Oh you love it admit it’ said Louise ‘There’s nothing sexier that your wife telling you to drop em and bend over’ she continued throwing a cushion over at Cassie.

Julia laughed ‘She’ll probably agree tomorrow when the fire in her ass has cooled a little.’

The banter continued for another hour or so before Megan announced that she was beat and needed to go to bed. There were nods of agreement from some and the room began to empty.

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Holiday. Part 10

‘Sounds like someone is getting it next door.’ Louise commented as the sounds of a thrashing could be clearly heard through the wall.

‘Hmm?’ Cindy asked as she came out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her and tucked in just above her breasts and another wrapped round her damp hair.

Louise indicated the noise from the next room with an inclination of her head. Just at that moment someone cried out. Cindy winced at the sound ‘Ow, that doesn’t sound like fun. Who is it do you know?’

‘I think it was Cassie and Julia in that room wasn’t it? If so that is Julia wacking hell out of her lover’s behind. She did mention something downstairs when we arrived about a tantrum on the plane or something.’

‘Ah well then, Cassie is getting her due’ smiled Cindy.

‘This place is really lovely. They have really paid attention to detail. It is so comfortable. I could quite happily stay indoors for the week. I bet that real fireplace in the lounge is great for cosy nights in.’ Louise dreamed. 'I am so tired tonight. It will be good to get some fresh air tomorrow though. I wonder what everyone else has in mind. Do you think we might go out as a group?’

‘I don’t know. I got the impression that Sarah and Charlie have some activities planned. I guess we will find out tonight at dinner.’ She continued as she took off her towel and searched her case for fresh underwear. ‘It is amazing to see everyone here. It felt so natural being together this afternoon. I’m looking forward to the chance to just be ourselves with people like us.’

'I can't believe that you didn't tell me what this place was going to be like or who would be here!' moaned Louise

'Yeah. I bet you thought you would have a whole week without getting your little bottom tanned didn't you?' Cindy raised her eyebrows meaningfully


They smiled at one another. 'Sorry to disappoint you missy, I will be whipping your behind at every opportunity this week to keep you in line, you are so naughty after all.' Finding what she was looking for, Cindy began to carefully put the rest of her clothes in the drawers and on hangers in the wardrobe.

Louise laughed ‘You are such a neat freak. Look you’ve colour coordinated everything!’

Cindy stuck her tongue out at her partner. ‘I like to be organised as you know. I didn’t want to get half way through the week and find I didn’t have socks that matched my pants or something.’

Louise looked at her in horror ‘No imagine the tragedy that would be. Socks that didn’t match.’ Cindy grabbed for her love and swung her onto the bed with her, both laughing.

‘God I love you, you completely anal retentive, obsessive, gorgeous woman you.’ Louise chuckled as Cindy pinned her down by straddling her and holding each wrist down. Looking down into her face Cindy said quietly but seriously ‘I love you too.’

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Holiday. Part 9

Charlotte and Sarah spent the next hour or so showing the guests to their rooms and discussing the events planned for the week. They then left them all to settle in with promises to catch up more over dinner.

Cassie and Julia both fell onto their king-size, four-poster bed, exhausted from the journey and from the excitement of meeting all of their friends. Leaning up on her elbows, Cassie surveyed the room. The thick carpet and drapes gave it a luxurious feel. The furniture was of excellent quality and everywhere smelled fresh and new.

‘Wow, this place is awesome. Gorgeous. Nice bed too. Wanna give it a whirl.’ She smiled cheekily at her lover.

Julia shook her head, frowning at the younger woman. ‘You young lady don’t deserve anything other than a long session over my knee with a hairbrush!’

Cassie pouted ‘Why? What did I do?’ hoping that she had forgotten the little tantrum she had thrown on the plane when Julia had refused to allow her to drink alcohol. Julia wasn’t being unreasonable as Cassie had a tendency to get very airsick and had taken medication to help which wouldn’t mix well with alcohol. However, in one of her petulant moods Cassie had decided to test Julia’s resolve. It had nearly ended with her getting a spanking right there on the plane but at the last moment Cassie had come to her senses and backed off. Julia though was obviously still unhappy with her.

Julia looked at her and raised her eyebrows. ‘You don’t actually think I was going to let that behaviour pass do you? After the warning I gave you before we left home too? If you are out to try and test my ability to punish you, you are going to find that I pass the test every time.’

Cassie and Julia had been together as a couple for only 10 months. They had met on the forum and become very friendly. At the time though there had been hundreds of miles between them. Julia was teaching in New York whilst Cassie was living just outside of Washington DC. When Cassie decided to go to graduate school in New York the two had met up and quickly became lovers.

Julia was a decade her senior, a gap which usually they didn’t notice but occasionally when Cassie’s behaviour deteriorated she had no problem asserting her dominance over her young lover and punishing her when it was necessary.

‘Aw Jules come on. We’re on holiday and I told you I was sorry. I was just wanting to relax on the plane and I didn’t think one drink would hurt. Can’t you let it go?’

‘Cassie it wasn’t the wanting the drink so much as the way you spoke to me. Holiday or not, that is not acceptable. You set out on the wrong foot on this trip and I am going to make sure that we end that right now and go on and enjoy the rest of our time away. Your behaviour has been going down hill the last few weeks and I blame myself for not having given you the tanning you needed then. So let’s get it over with now and then we can go down to dinner and you can start fresh.’

‘Jules, it’s not fair! I’m on holiday! I don’t want to get spanked now.’ Cassie stomped off the bed and threw her shoes into the corner.

Julia sat upright and folded her arms, narrowing her eyes she looked at Cassie and spoke softly ‘Cassie Marie Johnson. You get those jeans off, panties down and get your nose in the corner, hands on your head, right this second. Don’t you dare say another word or I swear to you I’ll make sure you don’t sit down for the rest of the holiday.’

Julia’s tone brought Cassie up short. She looked at her lover and swallowed. She went to reply but quickly thought better of it. She took off her jeans and walked to the corner. A window stood alongside her and she could clearly be seen by anyone in the garden. She looked at the window nervously and over to Julia.

‘I don’t think anyone out there will be surprised to see a naughty girl in the corner. However, I’m not sure I want your ass on display. Not until it’s a nice crimson colour anyway.’ Julia walked over and pulled the curtains over the window, She looked meaningfully at Cassie who quickly turned and put her nose into the corner, pulling her panties around her knees as she turned placing her hands on her head.

Julia went over to her suitcase and began to unpack her things.

Twenty minutes later she had hung her clothes and taken a quick shower. Wearing one of the white gowns provided she walked back into the bedroom towelling her hair. She watched Cassie standing in the corner. She knew how much she hated corner time. By nature she found it difficult to sit or stand still so corner time was difficult for her. She had earned several extra punishments over the last few months for fidgeting in the corner. This evening though she was doing pretty well keeping her nose firmly against the wall.

Cassie walked to the cupboard that Charlotte had pointed out when she showed them to their room. She opened the door and perused the implements and toys hanging there. Charlotte had explained that all of the objects were for guests use. For hygiene reasons the more intimate items, once used, were to be kept by the guest and they would be billed at the end of the week.

Cassie lifted out a leather paddle and tested it against her hand. She admired the workmanship and weight of the smooth brown paddle. She had a wooden paddle at home that she used for serious punishment but she didn’t own one of these. ‘Hmm maybe I might have to get one of these.’ She thought to herself. She placed the paddle on the bed and looked again. She chose a tawse that was made out of a thick piece of rubber. Placing that on the bed she walked to where Cassie stood. Standing right behind her she spoke into her ear. ‘Are you ready?’

Cassie, nervous as always before a punishment squeaked ‘Yes Julia. I’m really sorry. I won’t do it again.’

‘Yes. Funny how you are always sorry right before I blister your behind. Put your hands down and step out of those panties, you won’t be needing them.’ As she did as she was told, Julia reached over and grabbed her by the ear and lead her to the bed. Sitting herself on the edge of the bed she continued to pull Cassie forward by her ear until she was upturned over her knee. Putting her left hand round Cassie’s waist she pulled her close. She placed her right hand on Cassie’s bottom rubbing it gently, admiring the smooth skin and tight muscles. Shaking her head at the familiar position she brought her hand up high above her shoulder and landed a loud and painful spank on Cassie’s behind. Making no noise but sucking in a quick breath and screwing her eyes tight, Cassie waited for the next one. It came a second or two later, even harder than the first if that was possible.

Julia continued spanking her with her hand slowly but methodically. Covering each cheek up to her waist and down to her thighs. The colour soon changed from pink to a darker red. When Julia was satisfied that she had covered the whole area and her bottom was nice and warm she stopped. Her hand was beginning to tingle. She remembered the first time she had spanked Cassie, how much her hand had hurt. It had taken a LOT of practice to be able to deliver a long effective hand spanking.

Picking up the leather paddle lying next to her on the bed, Julia lay it across Cassie’s rear and judged where she wanted the first swat to land. Picking the vulnerable spot where bottom met thigh, she lifted it above her shoulder and brought it down with an almighty thwack. Cassie couldn’t keep quiet now. She shouted out with each stroke of the thick paddle as Julia thoroughly and effectively gave her the spanking she had earned.

Eventually Julia stopped and told Cassie to stand up. The young woman looking more like a naughty schoolgirl stood and started hoping around rubbing her sore backside. As she rubbed she kept up a narrative ‘Oww Jules that hurt I’m sorreeeee’

Seeming not to notice Cassie’s predicament, Julia turned and picked up the rubber tawse. ‘Cass come and bend over the bed here please, we are not done yet.’

Wide eyed, Cassie started to whine ‘Noooo. Jules! Please ma’am, I’ve had enough.’

Julia simply stood and looked at her, crossing her arms again. Noticing her stance, Cassie realised that she was getting herself in more trouble. She moved over to the bed and gave Julia the best pleading look she could muster. Ignoring her, Julia pushed her over the bed. Thinking Cassie’s bottom wasn’t in quite the right position she pulled a pillow from the top of the bed. ‘Lift up. I want that bottom in the air!’

Cassie lifted her hips without argument. Satisfied with her positioning, Julia swung the tawse and brought it down across both cheeks. The noise was more subdued than she had expected but the noise from Cassie was definitely not. She really shrieked and cried out. Julia saw a large red welt appear immediately. Never having used this implement before Julia hadn’t been sure of exactly how severe it would be. She had figured it would be harsh but was a little shocked at just how much it seemed to hurt. Initially she had been intending to give her 10 or 15 with this but quickly decided to make it 5 as a warning. Cassie was unaware of the calculations or surprise going on in Julia’s head. All that she was aware of was the fire spreading across her already sore buttocks. The next 4 licks were as painful as the first and she had tears in her eyes at the end.

‘OK. Take yourself back to the corner and no rubbing please.’ Julia said as she put the implements back into the cupboard. Looking at her lover, Julia was pleased to see that she had put her hands on her head without being told. Always a sign that the punishment had worked and Cassie was accepting her authority.

After another 5 minutes, Julia called softly. ‘OK hon. Come over here.’ Julia lay on the bed propped up by the pillows behind her. Cassie turned, her face nearly as red as her throbbing bottom. She looked at Julia, searching her face for permission to go to her. Julia smiled at her and opened her arms. Cassie went straight to her and into her arms. They hugged and kissed. ‘I’m so sorry Jules. I’ll do better I promise.’

‘It’s OK my darling. It’s over now. Clean slate, we can enjoy our holiday and have the rest that we both need.’

‘OK.’ Cassie said still subdued. Julia looked at her.

‘What is it?’ Julia knew that usually after a spanking Cassie would be sore but relieved, loving and happy. Right now she seemed very down. ‘Tell me Cass. What is going on in that head of yours?’

‘Nothing, it doesn’t matter. I should unpack and take a shower.’ Cassie went to move but Julia caught her arm and pulled her close.

‘Uhuh. Not until you talk to me. Come on before I get the paddle out again.’ Julia smiled trying to tease her into talking.

Cassie buried her face into Julia and began to cry. ‘Sweetie! What is it? Did I hurt you?’ Julia suddenly felt panicked maybe the spanking was harder than she had intended after all.

Cassie shook her head ‘No. I’m Ok. Well my bottom feels like it is on fire but it usually does when you have punished me.’

‘What then?’ Julia looked concerned.

‘I just…’ Cassie tried to get words out but felt embarrassed. Trying again she said ‘I have just been scared that you were getting fed up with me and that you were thinking of leaving me.’

‘What? How on earth did you get to that?’ Julia looked incredulous. Cassie was the best thing in her life and the only woman she had ever truly loved. Yes they were very different and the age difference had concerned her for a while but now she couldn’t ever see herself without Cassie and she thought she had shown her that, obviously not.

‘Well you seem to have been mad at me for a while and the last couple of times you spanked me you didn’t hug me afterwards you just went out and left me. I thought you were getting bored of my behaviour and needing to punish me all the time.’ Cassie confessed miserably.

Julia was totally shocked. She thought about what Cassie was saying. Yes she had gone straight out the last couple of times she had had to spank her but that had been because she had classes to teach; things had been really manic as the end of the semester had been drawing to a close. She hadn’t thought how Cassie would have interpreted that.

‘Oh baby I can’t believe that is what you have been thinking. I love you, don’t you know that? I’m so sorry you thought anything else. I know I haven’t had a lot of time for you recently because of work but that was why I wanted us to come away, so we could just focus on each other.’

‘I thought you were getting tired of me and wanted someone older, someone you didn’t need to take care of, someone who behaved better.’ Her honesty tore at Julia’s heart.

‘I will never get tired of being with you. I love you. I don’t want anyone else. I don’t care about your age or mine for that matter. I will take care of you whether you are being an angel or a little minx.’ Julia pulled her close and kissed her deeply. ‘You are mine. Your little butt is mine. I love you even when I’m mad at you. Now do I have to spank that into you or are you listening?’ Julia smiled.

Cassie smiled for the first time. Looking shyly at Julia she nuzzled into her, enjoying the closeness and warmth of her. After a few minutes of cuddling, Cassie looked up at Julia with a different kind of smile altogether. Leaning up to her she kissed her neck and up to her jaw. At the same time she slid her hand inside Julia's robe and cupped her breast. All thoughts of the pain in her bottom forgotten she explored her lover’s mouth with her tongue. Pulling away she lifted her own shirt over her head exposing her small firm breasts. Her nipples hard. Julia gasped seeing the desire in Cass’s eyes. She let her open her robe and slip it from her shoulders. Now both naked, Cass lay on top of her. Their breasts meeting. Legs entwined. Cass began to pump her thigh along Julia’s already hard clit. Julia’s hips rising to meet her with each thrust.

Cass's lips feasted on Julia's right nipple. She caught the hard nub between her teeth and bit her lightly until Julia cried out. She moved to the left nipple, feasting and reached down with her right hand and found Julia’s wet pussy. Sliding her hand through the velvet she entered her. She could smell her, making her own sex even wetter. Moaning she slid down until her face was between Julia’s thighs. She licked her and tasted her sweet juices, smelling her musky sent even stronger now. She began a rhythmic sucking and licking, thrusting her fingers inside her hot wet pussy lips. Julia had her eyes closed, hands grabbing the back of Cass’s head, pushing her deeper inside, thrusting her hips. As her hips began to jerk even faster Cass tightened her grip around her thighs keeping up the sucking and licking until Julia’s orgasm erupted, soaking Cass’s tongue.

Hearing and feeling Julia come was enough to take Cassie to the edge of her own orgasm. She straddled Julia’s thigh and rode her while Julia looked up into her eyes. ‘Come on baby, let me touch you.’ Julia groaned as she reached forward and slid her fingers into Cass. She filled her with her hand as Cass rocked her hips and in another instant cried out as she came.

Exhausted they both fell back onto the bed, Cassie still lying on top of Julia. Kissing and caressing each other they gently fell asleep.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Holiday. Part 8

The whole of the downstairs smelled of fresh coffee and baking. It was 2.30 in the afternoon. The first guests hadn’t yet arrived but Charlie thought that it would probably be anytime now. She had put on a clean pair of jeans and tee shirt after spending the morning vacuuming and generally putting finishing touches around the house. Fresh flowers stood on the hall table next to the registration book and a stand with all the usual local tourist information. A plain black note book lay next to the stand and it contained all the information that guests may wish to know such as the local gay friendly pubs, bookstores and other venues that may appeal to this particular clientele. Sarah was in the kitchen with Denise ensuring everything would run smoothly on this their first evening as a working hotel.

Sophie and Megan drove up the gravelled driveway of the guest house and were impressed by the stone fa├žade of the Georgian building. The freshly painted woodwork spoke to the fact that the building had recently been renovated with care. Bay trees stood in large pots on either side of the door. The deep green door was furnished with shinning brass. No sign adorned the house andthe unknowing passer by would not be aware that this home was a guest house. Sarah and Charlotte did not want unsuspecting holiday makers to approach the house, wishing to keep it strictly for customers who shared their lifestyle. So far their reservation book was full for the next 3 months so they hoped they would not have to change their policy.

Parking the car, Sophie turned off the engine and looked over at Megan ‘Well here we are. Looks like we might be the first if the empty car park is anything to go by. Nervous?’

‘Yeah a little bit. But don’t worry kiddo I got ya. It’ll be great.’ She leaned over and gave Sophie a quick peck on the lips. ‘Now move your arse woman and get my bag. I’d kill for a cup of tea, especially after your motorway driving!’

‘Hey cheeky. I’m a great driver. You just don’t appreciate me.’

The two were still giggling when they lifted the brass door knocker to announce their arrival.

In the hall way Charlotte hissed through the kitchen door ‘Sarah. Guests!’

‘Ok. So go open the door.’ Charlotte pulled a face of terror and Sarah laughed ‘Oh Ok I’ll come with you, you big woos.’

Together they stood behind the front door and held hands. Sarah kissed her wife, ‘Ready?’ Charlotte nodded and they said in unison ‘Good luck!’

Charlotte opened the door to find a giggling couple standing on their doorstep, bags in hand.

One of the women had short sandy hair and blue eyes with a scattering of freckles over her nose. She stood a head shorter than her partner, who had shoulder length blonde hair which was pulled back and fastened with a simple gold clip at the neck. They both wore wide grins and said a cheery ‘Hello’ at the same time.

‘Hi’ Charlotte smiled ‘Come on in; let’s give you a hand with your bags.’ Sarah leant forward and took Sophie’s bag whilst Charlotte attempted to take Megan’s only for her to shake her head and say she was fine.

When the four entered the hall and the bags were placed on the floor they introduced each other. There were a few little shrieks when they realised who was who. There were hugs all round.

‘I can’t believe we finally get to see each other after all this time of chatting on the net! This is so amazing. I can’t wait for the others to get here. We are the first right?’ Megan asked

Sarah nodded ‘Yes, hopefully the others should be here soon.’ As she finished her sentence they heard car engines and laughter outside.

Opening the door they were faced with Cassie, Julia and Ellen and Diane, introducing one another, laughing and hugging. The four indoors went out to join them and as they did another car containing Louise and Cindy pulled into the driveway.

The group spent sometime on welcomes and introductions, whilst stood outside. Eventually Charlotte shouted for everyone to come through to the lounge where refreshments were waiting.

‘Leave your bags and come and get a drink. Then we can show you to your rooms and help out with bags, if that suits everyone?’ amid nods and shouts of ‘yes please’ ‘great’ ‘ooh tea’, the group made their way into the house.

They noted the decoration in the hall and the umbrella stand full of canes. Julia stopped to admire the decoration on the cane handles. She lifted one and tested the weight on her own palm. ‘Oh this would do nicely to deal with your rudeness on the plane over’ she said to Cassie but loud enough for the group to hear. Cassie’s blush brought another wave of laughter.

In the lounge they helped themselves to coffee whilst Sarah took orders for tea. They then hovered trying to decide between fresh baked scones and cream, and various sponge cakes and cookies.

Whilst they were eating and drinking and getting acquainted there was a loud knock on the door. Charlotte welcomed the final two guests with ‘You have to be Sandy and Cheryl!’ The pair joined the others in the lounge and the house was as full as it would be for the next week.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Holiday. Part 7

Ellen shouted up the stairs for the third time ‘Michael, Jennifer can you please get down here right now, your dad is waiting for you. If I have to come up there it won’t be pretty.’

Ellen swore that it was getting harder to deal with her two children as they got older. At ages 9 and 11 they both thought that she was ancient and that they knew better when it came to most aspects of life. At the moment Ellen still maintained her authority but she often wondered how long it would be before confiscating a play station or grounding them, no longer worked. Luckily both of the children listened to and respected her partner of 8 years, Diane. She was a natural disciplinarian and she had managed to work wonders with both of them since they first got together. She spent most of her free time taking them to and from their various activities and helping out on school trips and such. Ellen was often in awe of how natural Diane was as a parent.

Ellen had a good relationship with her ex-husband, David and they and Diane worked hard to communicate and work together for the children’s benefit. It had been hard at first but their marriage had been over long before Diane had arrived on the scene. Ellen had worried that David would try and cause trouble for her when she came out as a lesbian and Diane moved in but strangely he hadn’t reacted badly. Ellen thought he saw Diane as less of a threat than if Ellen had remarried a man. Certainly there was no other man vying for the role of ‘father’. Although the three of them could never be fully comfortable in each others company it was amicable enough to make sharing time with the children relatively painless.

Ellen heard the clatter of feet coming down the stairs as two children plus bags and school books came jumbling into the kitchen where she sat sharing tea with David.

‘OK ready to go guys? Got everything you need? Books, iPods and whatever else you need to get through a whole week with old dad?’ David asked

‘Can we go now? We’re going to miss ‘Dr Who’ if we don’t leave now and it’s the second part from last week’ moaned Jennifer.

‘Oh my word. Quick David before the earth stops spinning. Get them out of here and into the car. God forbid they miss the TV!’

‘Mum!’ they both grumped together.

Laughing Ellen said, ‘Give me a hug. I need one if I’m not going to hear you complain for a whole week, I won’t know what to do with myself.’ After delivering hugs and kisses, reluctantly on Michael’s part; he thought he was getting too old to kiss his parents, the children and David piled into his car and drove away.

Ellen went back into the house and as she always did when they left she stood for a moment in the still hallway and listened to the quiet, feeling a mixture of relief and sadness. They were growing up so quickly and she couldn’t help but think that soon this quiet would be more permanent.

Just as she was about to get maudlin the front door opened to reveal Diane. Dressed in a black pants suit and white shirt , carrying an oversized brown leather satchel that had seen better days. ‘Wife I’m home’ she boomed jovially as she walked into the hall and saw Ellen standing there.

Her blonde hair was cropped very close to her head her build and personality large in every sense of the word. She was nearly 6ft tall and very stockily built. She had a fairly loud voice and projected a calm certainty that made most people who met her trust her. In a group she would often emerge as a natural leader and she enjoyed others relying on her. In her home she was definitely the head of the family and Ellen loved the feeling of security that brought.

Diane stood next to Ellen and listened to the quiet. ‘I take it we’re alone?’ she asked needlessly. The house was never this quiet if either of the children were home. The TV or music would inevitably be blaring from somewhere.

Ellen turned to her lover and putting her arms around her neck she leaned in for a kiss and said ‘Oh yeah. A week of just us grown-ups.’

‘My. Whatever will we think of to do?’ mused Diane as she returned Ellen’s kiss and letting her hands roam her partner’s body.

‘Well right now I think we need to pack or we are never going to get out of here tomorrow. It would be good to get there early. I hate being the last one to arrive.’

‘You’re such a task master. I just get in from a hard day at the office and here you are issuing orders already! Maybe I need to remind you who is in charge lady.’ She said planting a firm smack on Ellen’s bottom.

‘Ow. No ma’am I know who is in charge.’ Teasing, Ellen backed away. ‘Obviously it is me as I’m so organised that I’m already nearly packed and you haven’t even started.’ Ellen stuck her tongue out at Diane as she began to scamper up the stairs. Immediately Diane took off after her making Ellen screech and run.

‘Right madam, I think someone is asking for a spanking’

Catching up with Ellen in the bedroom, Diane tried to look serious whilst her lover put on her best bratting face. Diane beckoned her with her index finger. ‘Come here little miss and take down those panties. I want to see that bare little bottom of yours over my knee this instant. I think you need a lesson or two.’ Diane said as she removed her jacket and began to roll up her shirt sleeves.

Ellen tried to look innocent as she scooted to where Diane was now sat on the bed. ‘But I’ve been such a good girl all day. Honestly ma’am. You don’t really want to spank me when we are going on holiday do you?’

‘Not only do I want to spank you when we are going on holiday but you can be sure you are going to get plenty of spankings whilst we are on holiday. I can’t have the other tops and doms thinking that I am soft with you now can I? What would that do for my reputation? The bottoms on the forum think I’m scary and I intend for them to keep thinking that. Now pull down those panties and lift up your skirt please.’

Ellen did as she was told and then lowered herself over Diane’s wide lap. Diane placed her left hand around Ellen’s waist and gently adjusted her position so that she had a good angle. Ellen loved the feeling of being safe on Diane’s knee for these playful spankings. For her it was the ultimate feeling of knowing that Diane was in control, that she had her and owned her, that all was well. Even when she was there for a serious punishment spanking those feelings did not diminish but there were the additional feelings of fear, anticipation and regret at having angered the woman she loves.

Diane delivered a hard swat to Ellen’s coffee coloured skin, proceeding to deliver several more before stopping and gently rubbing her bottom. She continued this pattern of spanking, rubbing and massaging until Ellen’s bottom was on fire but she was also very hot in another part of her anatomy. Diane sensed Ellen beginning to move her hips in rhythm to the spanking and knew her girl was wet for her. She slipped her hand between her bottom cheeks and slid it forward until she felt Ellen’s wet silk beneath her fingers. Ellen gasped and lifted her hips to allow Diane to enter her. While the fingers of her right hand stroked and explored her sex, Diane’s other hand probed the tight muscle of Ellen’s ring, massaging the opening and entering her. Ellen began to moan much more loudly and her hip movement became more frantic as she urged Diane to go deeper into her. Filling her completely. Whispering to her as she brought her closer to orgasm ‘You are mine. You belong to me, every bit of you. I will have you when I want you as often as I want you and however I want you. I will flog your behind raw if you disobey me and I will fuck you until you can’t walk if you even look at another woman. Do you understand?’ Diane spoke softly her voice heavy with desire, the words thrilling Ellen.

In gasps of breath, writhing and sweating Ellen answered ‘Yes ma’am I understand. I don’t want anyone else, just you. Only you.’ And at that moment Diane felt Ellen go rigid as she cried out and climaxed, soaking Diane’s hand and lap. The scent of her sex surrounding them both. In that moment Diane thought she had never been happier.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bonus post

I was searching through my computer documents and have found a chapter of Carla and Diane that I thought I had lost. It should have been the second part of the story. So, here it is :)

It had been a several weeks since Carla had moved in with Diane. At first it had been a little strange and difficult to get used living in someone else's house and following rules as if she were a teenager again. As time had gone on though, Carla had found that having rules and consequences for breaking them really helped her to focus on her responsibilities and taking care of herself. There was also a comfort in knowing someone cared where she was and what she was doing. Unlike the inconsistency and irrationality of the discipline she had experienced as a teenager, Diane was a loving and fair woman. Carla felt safe and taken care of in a way she never had before.

Carla had earned a number of punishments over the weeks, including a couple of hard spankings but she knew that Diane had been fair and overall their lives were quite peaceful. Carla loved their evenings of music and reading or watching a movie together. Her days of grabbing a takeaway meal after work were long gone. Home cooked meals sitting at a table and having conversation were now the norm. All in all Carla was happy in the place she now thought of as home and with a woman who she was beginning to adore as a mother she had never had.

Work was another story altogether. Although she had more than made up for her past mistakes with her new found diligence, she was finding the work more boring and meaningless than ever. On top of that she had two new team members she had to manage and their lack of knowledge, skill and motivation made her job twice as hard. She hated it, she concluded as she walked the last few metres home. 

By the time she pushed open the front door, Carla was in a foul mood. She was hot and tired and thoroughly fed up with her day. She had ended up staying over an hour later than she had intended, unexpectedly having to finish work one of her new team members was supposed to have completed. She had determined to give the new girl a piece of her mind in the morning.

'Hello little one. I was wondering what time you would make it home. How was your day?' Diane greeted her in the hallway. Carla scowled 'Awful. I have idiots working for me. Like it isn't bad enough I have idiots managing me too!' she growled as she kicked off her shoes and dropped her bag on the floor. Moving past Diane into the kitchen she opened the fridge looking for alcohol or chocolate or something comforting. Finding a chocolate bar she took it out and began to unwrap it. Diane raised her eyebrows 'I have just finished making dinner. I was waiting until you got home to serve. '

Carla felt like a child being told 'no sweeties before dinner'. She sighed and dramatically threw the chocolate back into the fridge. 'Fine. Whatever. I am not a child. I can eat chocolate if I want to. In fact I can eat chocolate for dinner if I want to! You don't get to tell me' what to do all the time. Just leave me' alone.' Carla strode out of the kitchen and into the living room where she launched herself headlong onto the sofa burying her head on a cushion and laying on her tummy.
She heard Diane follow her and then felt Diane's hand come down swiftly and painfully on her bottom which was protected by only the thin cotton of her panties and her summer dress.
Carla jumped up clutching her smacked bottom. 'Ow! What was that for?'
Diane shook her head. 'Carla I am sure you don't really have to ask do you? Speaking to me in that way? Hmm?' she looked sternly at the now red faced younger woman.
'Can't you ever just leave me' alone? Do I have to be good all the time?! Sometimes I want to eat chocolate and be in a bad mood. You don't have to bully me all the time' Carla sulked, sounding more like a moody teenager every second.
'Is that what I do little one? Bully you? And no you may not behave like that with me ever. I expect respect from you. If you wish to throw a tantrum you may go to your room and come out when you are able to behave yourself.'  Carla's inner grown up was screaming for her to shut up and behave. Unfortunately, Carla's inner child was far stronger this evening and was in full scale brat mode!
'I will not go to my room! I am not 15! I am going to eat dinner and maybe drink wine and I may even go out and enjoy myself for a change' Carla moved past Diane and back out to the fridge to retrieve her chocolate. As she moved towards the door Diane said 'Carla do not leave this room unless you are going upstairs to your room as I have told you.'
Ignoring Diane completely she walked into the kitchen opened the fridge and pulled out her chocolate. As she shut the door Diane was stood right behind her. 'Alright young lady. As you seem so insistent this evening you may have what you are so obviously asking for' Diane grabbed Carla by the upper arm and turned her over the wooden kitchen table behind them. Before she knew what was happening Carla felt her skirt being lifted and her panties lowered to her knees. Diane's hand firmly in her back prevented Carla from getting up or wriggling away.

Diane proceeded to deliver swift, hard smacks to Carla's bottom. Wherever her swat landed a red hand-print remained as evidence of its visitation. Carla yelped like a small child. 'Stop it's not fair! I don't want to be spanked!' To emphasise her point she kicked her left leg out behind her. Diane rewarded her with a volley of slaps to her thighs, making Carla cry out more but succeeding in stilling  the brat's legs.
When eventually Carla's complaints quietened, Diane began to lecture her. 'Carla you have behaved dreadfully this evening. If you insist on behaving like a small child I will certainly treat you like one. Tantrums are not allowed. Being rude to me is not allowed. ' As she scolded she continued to spank Carla's bottom a deep pink colour. Although Carla had calmed a little, Diane could tell from her body language that her little one was far from contrite. She made a decision to make her point a little clearer. She turned to the work top behind her and picked up a wooden spoon from the rack. It wasn't the largest spoon but it was capable of delivering a hard swat as Carla discovered. After a dozen spanks  Carla became vocal again but this time her tone was far more respectful. 'Please Diane don't spank me anymore. I am sorry. I won't talk to you like that again. Oww! I promise!'

Diane continued to deliver swat after swat to Carla's now very red bottom. She was satisfied that her charge was finally seeing the error of her ways but just to make sure she turned her attention to her thighs and allowed the spoon to work it's magic.

A few minutes later a very sorry and very sore bottomed Carla was allowed to raise herself from the table. She was red faced and tearful. 'I am sorry ma'am. Really sorry. I won't behave like that again.'

Diane took Carla into her arms and stroked her hair. 'Little one. It is in the nature of the brat to repeat bad behaviour. Luckily it is the nature of this Top to consistently punish it! Now pull up your panties and let's go and sit down and talk for a while'

Carla pulled a face. 'Sit ma'am?!' Diane laughed as Carla pulled up her panties and pulled down her dress. She took her hand and lead her into the living room. She sat Carla in the soft sofa,  placing cushions so that she would be as comfortable as she could be considering recent events.

Diane then sat next to Carla who immediately put her head on Diane's shoulder. Diane kissed the top of her head and asked 'So little one are you ready to tell me what all that is about? I am pretty certain it wasn't about chocolate.' At that they both giggled. 'I am sorry Diane. I shouldn't have spoken to you like that.'
'No you shouldn't but it has been dealt with so now we can move on. I want to know what has you so upset?'
Carla sighed 'You will think I am silly'

'Tantrums are silly my dear. Something which is upsetting you could never be silly to me.'

Carla smiled. She had never had someone who was so interested in her well being before and she was still getting used to how good it felt. She moved a little and winced as her burning behind reminded her that some parts of being loved feel better than others!

'I hate my job!' she blurted quickly. Then immediately feeling foolish, she blushed.
'Ok ' Diane said slowly. 'Tell me' more'